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“Good enough is the enemy of excellence. The average person will say that 98 percent is good enough. Very few will go that extra 2 percent. This is what separates average from excellence.” This quote really resonates with me. I find that in most things I do in life, I

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Music Ecology Exclusive Mix

I was asked to do an exclusive mix for Music Ecology Boston and obviously I said yes! They started it all for me. Here is an exclusive DNB mix of some new stuff I have been really digging lately! Straight DEEP VIBzzZzz!

Earns 3rd place spot in Together 5 DJ Competition

Together Boston Offical Site and announcement Together Boston’s annual DJ competition has officially wrapped up and among the many worthy entries received, I was chosen as the 3rd place winner. It’s not the top where I was shooting for and wanted to be but I will take the placing! Thanks

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The Remix EP Sampler/Teaser

A couple of days ago i posted a little teaser of my forthcoming EP, which is 4 tracks that I remixed by Whitebear, How to Destroy Angels (Trent Reznor‘s side project), Lil Wayne (yeah I did it), and Dubstep duo: TRUTH. Check it out on my soundcloud.

Heiss Releases Awaken(D) Remix Album with eelko Remix

heiss awaken(D)
Heiss Releases Awaken(D) Remix Album with eelko Remix Last week, Heiss released his remix album Awaken(D). This compilation is the result of hard work, planning and lots of communication among producers, many of whom are consider to be the most profound in the electronic music scene today. These artists include:

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